Baccarat cheats formula and what you need to know about it

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Baccarat is not a well-known casino game for cheating. Instead, craps, blackjack, slot machines, and roulette are the best when it comes to cheating. But you might be surprised that there is certain Baccarat cheat formula (สูตรโกงบาคาร่า)that scammers use. The cheats in baccarat use various means to get an edge when playing in the casino and winning big.

It is not recommended that you engage in cheating while playing baccarat, because if you are discovered, you will be jailed. But still, it is like any other typical casino game cheating and thus, you should be interested in the subject. The same holds when it comes to baccarat which has its methods of cheating

False shuffle

The false shuffling was introduced by a former all-around casino cheat and baccarat dealer, Richard Marcus. It is a scam that requires a player and the dealer to accomplice it for it to work. The gist is all about the dealer shuffling the cards so that they can follow a certain order that is pre-arranged.

The accomplice lowers or raises the wager based on the upcoming order. The following are steps to perform a false shuffle.

  • The accomplice records a slug or a group of cards in a baccarat shoe. The group will feature about 40-60 cards which get recorded in the order in which they will be played and then placed into the tray for discard.
  • When the 8 or 6 deck shoe gets dealt, the deal fast shuffles the cards. The idea is for keeping the slug together via a series of convincing but faking shuffle actions.
  • The accomplice then utilizes the recorded cards list to spot the slug cards because they are dealt. They signal other players in case it is applicable at such a point.
  • The cheater can determine accurately 8-10 hands’ results once they get to identify the slug that will be played.
  • The bet is done on either the player or the banker’s hand, depending on the card which is coming next.
  • The players do bet mostly the table max so that they get to take full advantage of the inside knowledge which they have.

The false shuffling is hard as compared to the way it sounds due to various factors which have to be combined. But the accomplices and the dealer can develop a particular system if the practice is well.

The following are some of the pointers to ensure that each face of a false shuffle can work:

  • Record the cards: The accomplice can mark the cards down a winning hand group – the slug on the scorecard of the baccarat. The casino then encourages the players to keep track of the hands which are winning, which allows the cheaters to utilize this as a guide when they truck the slug.
  • Choose a card slug: It is the slug that is mostly always the end or the beginning of a shoe. With that, the dealer will know exactly the group of cards that they can false shuffle and then ensure they are kept intact.